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It's probably costing you - a fortune and maybe your future.

So you didn't file a return - or two, or more? Get to it! Even if you owe, you are by far better off filing your own returns than letting the IRS file them for you. You may have deductions and/or credits they may not know (or care) about, and they can begin collection action against you - even if you really don't owe what they claim.

One way or another you will have to make things right. You may as well do it now - before things get out of control. It is an ugly fact that if you do owe, penalties and interest have been added to your tax bill, but if you allow more time to pass, those penalties grow and then things can get really nasty. You must remember the IRS isn't just any collection agency; they have a reach that can go much further and have consequences you can't begin to imagine.

Contact a tax specialist and take back control now.

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