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The IRS has finally entered the age of modern technology. It is now possible for some returns to be processed without ever being gazed upon with human eyes. Computers scan them, check them against data already in the system, and as long as everything is within standard parameters, the return is processed and all is good.

However, should something on your return fall outside the IRS standard parameters, the computer can flag your return and send it directly to a living, breathing IRS agent for further scrutiny. One error or omission and the computers at the IRS will send your return down the long and often grueling path of an audit. You can think of it as a twisted, warped kind of lottery - and you won!

Even if you believe your return is correct, contact a tax professional and have your return reviewed. Start gathering your records - no matter how troublesome this task may be - so you can be prepared. Do not delay. While it may seem that you have been chosen quite randomly for an audit, the truth is the IRS thinks something is out of order with your return, and they may want you to justify everything on it.

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