Lien? Levy? Seizure?

What (not) to do...

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All is not lost.

Contrary to how it may seem, an IRS levy, lien, seizure or garnishment is not the end of the road. It does not mean the IRS is done working with you - but it does mean they are absolutely, positively serious about collecting your tax debt.

First you need to know how much you really owe. Once that is established, there may be other options available that will satisfy the IRS and leave you with enough money to maintain a reasonable standard of life. Remember: The IRS doesn't want to destroy you - they can't collect from you if they did.

We can analyze your case and try to mediate an alternative payment option, freeing you from the strangling hold of a levy or lien. Even if you had representation before, there may be new methods of resolution available. IRS collection methods do change with the economy.

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