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Doing nothing can cost you your future - even your retirement.

Need to file a return - or two, or more? Bank account levied or property seized? Have an IRS notice or letter? Wages or Social Security being garnished? Penalties and interest can more than double your tax debt, so the sooner you get working on your problem the better off you'll be.

The IRS does not have to play by the same rules as commercial collection agencies; they have and make their own. Computer now do what used to be processed by IRS agents, leaving those agents and revenue officers with plenty of time and resources to spend catching up with non-filers, back taxes and collection. The IRS can go where no other collection agency can go to collect. Not only can they seize your property and/or business, they can take your retirement accounts (IRAs, ROTHs, 401Ks). They can even levy your Social Security.

The IRS may have numbers that don't match yours, but they can still begin collection action against you - even if you really don't owe what they claim. Your first step must be to make sure both of you are dealing with the correct numbers. Have a tax professional review your returns. Things might not be as bad as they seem - but you will not know until you get a review.

REMEMBER: The IRS doesn't want to destroy you - they can't collect from you if they do - and this is particularly true if you own a business. They have a job to do - they collect taxes. They are professionals - and you need a professional on your side.

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